My second year of college

The end of summer got me thinking just how fast time really goes. In the past three months so many things have ended and begun. Some bittersweet, some for the better. One of those things is my barista life from my hometown in Wisconsin. I have worked at the same cafe for over the past three years and this will most likely be my last seasonal time there. While bittersweet, I realized that I am moving on to so many more exciting adventures.



This week I will be moving into my first apartment. That’s insane…I literally don’t think I’m ready to adult. Paying rent, buying groceries, and life in general with school and a job will get hectic. However, I’m prepared to call my mom daily and discuss my struggles, so I’ll be fine.


I will be starting my new job as an intern for The Minnesota Daily and I couldn’t be more excited. As a New Business Intern, I can’t wait to interact with local businesses, organizations and alumni. In addition, I will continuing giving campus tours, something that is dear to my heart.

As for classes, I am officially beginning my classes for my major in the school of journalism. I am so excited and can’t believe that I actually figured out what I want to pursue. (Pro tip: Don’t stress if you have no clue what you want to major/minor in. I didn’t either! Use the resources your university offers!)


Basically this post was an update about my life. I’m so excited for the things to come and I’m thinking this year will be a good year. Stay tuned for apartment updates and recipes!

Please reach out to me if you have any questions!

Stay Inspired,


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